for the development of palaeographical & codicological studies

In memory of our founding president

J. M. M. HERMANS - 1949-2007

APICES offers every year 2 grants of €1500 each to contribute to the organization of scholarly events within the area defined by the statutes of the Association.

ART. 2: The Association aims to gather together persons interested in the study of ancient and mediaeval script, in the material analysis and conservation of the documents which carry such script, in the history of the individuals who composed them, as well as in the institutions which preserved them, particularly within the domain of the Latin script.

These grants are offered for events of various kinds (congresses, colloquia, study days, seminars, public conferences, courses, publishing of proceedings, exhibitions, etc.), as long as they present a clear collective interest (individual publications are excluded).

Applications can only be submitted by a member of the Association who has been a regular subscriber for at least one year, and who will be actively involved in the organization of the event.

The Moderamen of the Association will assign the grants after a careful evaluation of the scientific and material aspects of the project, and will keep the members informed of its decision.

Applications have to be submitted by 1st June or 1st December each year. The outcome will be notified by the end of each semestre.

The beneficiaries will undertake to :

• Mention the APICES contribution in the documents of the events (programme, posters, catalogue, subsequent publication) in the form of a logo or explicit mention.

• Prepare a brief presentation of the event or publication for the website of the Association (more details will be offered on assignment of the grant).

APICES reserves the right to modify the amount of the grants offered or the conditions for the assignment, according to its resources.

to be addressed to the President of APICES
(with an electronic copy to the Secretary)

Download as text file

Applicant, Member of APICES (name & e-mail).
Part taken by the applicant in the organisation.

1. Scholarly details

Type of event:
congress / conference / journée(s) d'étude / workshop / public lecture / course
publication of proceedings / exhibition / other (to be specified).


Other scholars implied in the organisation.

Scientific purpose (minimum : 1000 caract.).

Concerned audience: general audience / studients / researchers / high-level specialists.
Institutional framework (university, institute, learned society).
Frequency or previous occurrences.

2. Material details

In case of a meeting:

Number of days.
Location of the session(s).
Number of papers.
Expected number of participants.
Geographical extent of the audience: local / regional / national / international.
[Please attach any available documentation: call for papers, list of speakers, provisional programme, etc.]

In case of a publication:

Nature: printed book / CD-Rom / Web pages.
Number of texts.
Number of Pages / Computer size.
Pictures (yes / no) - color (yes / no).
Other special features (abstracts, bibliography, index of manuscripts, etc.).
Publisher or Web hosting.
Series or journal.
Expected date of publication (in print or on-line).

3. Financial details

Total budget.
Main funding source.
Other expected subsidies.
Particular assignment of the grant (if relevant).

Financial accounter (name, address, e-mail).
Account to be credited.

Signature of the applicant.
Signature of the main organizer (if different).