Los Angeles, Getty Mus., MS. 101
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LOS ANGELES, CA., J. Paul Getty Museum
Vita Christi imaginibus depicta (piis miscellaneis nuper aucta) – ms.
Los Angeles, Getty Mus., MS. 101

12th cent. (c. 1190-1200), England (York?); and 15th cent. (c. 1480-1490), England (Norfolk?)
Parchment, 170 x 120 mm. 106 leaves (51 twelfth-cent. interleaved with 55 fifteenth-cent. folios). 51 15th-cent. full-page miniatures without text, and 57 15th-cent. large or full-page miniatures

Possibly assembled in the present form by Robert Leake (d. 1517) of Blythborough, Suffolk, or Robert Themilthorpe (d. 1505) of Foulsham, north Norfolk
Owners: Susanna Flint and John Pinchbeck, 16th cent.; Robert Themilthorpe, 1594; N. Roe, 1760; Charles William Dyson Perrins (1864-1958); Laurence Witten, 1962

Purchased in 2007