Chicago, Newberry L., Inc. 1998
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CHICAGO, IL, Newberry Library
NICOLAUS de LYRA, Postilla super Biblia (cum additionibus PETRI de SANCTA MARIA et replicis MATHIAE DOERINCK) – impr.
Chicago, Newberry L., Inc. 1998

Nürnberg: Anton Koberger, 1481
2 vols., 41 cm. Woodcuts. Early 17th century blind-stamped binding over wooden boards, with remains of clasps

Purchase, 2006. Owned jointly with Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies, Chicago

Cf. BM 15th cent., II, p. 419 (IC. 7206); GW M26513; ISTC it00293000; Goff N-135; Hain-Copinger 10369