Chicago, Newberry L., Case MS 5326
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CHICAGO, IL, Newberry Library
Remonstrances sur les miseres et abuz de ce monde (...) – ms.
Chicago, Newberry L., Case MS 5326

France (Chartrain), 16th cent. (1537). In French
Parchment, 88 folios, 14 cm. Illuminated border (f. 1), gold initials, line-fillers. Bound in blue gilded morocco (19th cent.)

Compiled (?) and written by Frere Jacques Chesnart, monk of the benedictine abbey of Josaphat near Chartres; dated May 27, 1537
Owners: Louis de Lalonde, 1547; Pierre Cegard, 16th cent.; Marie-Jacqueline Pardot, 1742; Paul Desq, 1866

Purchase, 2004. Owned jointly with the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (MS 5)

Cf. Catalogue des livres rare et précieux (...) composant la bibliothèque de M. P. Desq, de Lyon (1866), no. 418

The text is a miscellany of moral and religious verse, among which: Christine de Pizan, Enseignemens moraux, and Jean Bouchet, Ballade morale