Bryn Mawr, Coll. Libr., MS 44
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BRYN MAWR, PA, Bryn Mawr College Library
LEONARDUS ARETINUS, Epistolae familiares – ms.
Bryn Mawr, Coll. Libr., MS 44

15th cent. (middle), Italy (Florence)
Parchment, iii+144+ii ff., 279x188 mm; humanistic bookhand. Decorated initials. Late 18th or early 19th-cent. parchment binding

Attributed to the Florentine scribe Giovanni di Piero da Stia (c. 1406-1474) by Albinia de la Mare
Annotated by Pietro di Luni. Possessor's note: «Liber Aug[usti]ni [...]» (f. 1). Inventory number 10957 may be Phillipps number. Bought by Howard L. Goodhart in the 1930’s; Phyllis Goodhart Gordan and John Dozier Gordan, Jr. (MS 57) until 1995

Bequest, 1995