Chicago, Univ. Libr. [acq. 2000]
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CHICAGO, IL, University Library
Roman de la Rose – ms.
Chicago, Univ. Libr. [cote non spécifiée]

14th cent. (ca 1365), France
40 illuminations. Separated in 1907 from Chicago, UL, MS 392 (Le Jeu des Échecs Moralisé)

Illuminated by the Master of Saint Voult
Owners: Pierre Gendron, Bertrand Garnier and J. Gendron, 16th cent.; Thomas Crofts, Chancellor of the Diocese of Peterborough (sale catalogue, 1782, no. 8299). Purchased by Sir Sydney Cockerell in 1907; by Gérard de Berny in 1957

Acquired from the gallery Les Enluminures (Chicago, Paris), 2000